“Hello, I’d like to hire something disappointing from your ‘premium American vehicles’ range.” “Certainly sir, I have just the thing…”

I don’t know who or what a ‘party parrot’ is but Slack has made it an essential part of my daily business communications.

After 10 years on Facebook it’s no longer a source of much joy. Deleted the apps 2 weeks ago. No sense of missing out.

Decided to really embrace being in my 40’s so blasting Dire Straits on the 🎧 and dropping 🐟 puns on Slack.

Deleted Facebook app (but left account active for now) as a trial. Took 2 days for nagging emails to start… Presume push notification failures ratted me out.

Very excited to be putting my SUV into 4-wheel drive for the first time in 2 years to exit the farm-shop open-day parking.

I don’t really want any type of Brexit, but if we must I definitely don’t want a ‘hard’ one. ‘Al dente’ at most.